IQ to Offer Business Intelligence Training for Campus

Units across campus need consistent and reliable solutions for data-informed decision-making. To meet this need, Information Quest has developed a comprehensive training and consulting strategy to help users get the most out of the university’s three main business intelligence products: Tableau, Business Objects and M-Reports.   

Tableau supports data images and visualizations. Data images are a visual art that captures the attention of the viewer and helps identify trends and outliers more easily. Data visualizations are information images in action. Started in 2017, IQ-led Tableau fundamentals training allows users to pick up basic data visualization skills or deepen their knowledge in monthly sessions.

In contrast, Business Objects extracts data directly from our data warehouse and presents it in a pivot or list form, both for business use and as a data source for Tableau. An updated interface and tech-heavy language are challenges for some Business Objects users, so IQ is working to expand the current training offerings to include Business Objects.

M-Reports is our most heavily used business intelligence tool and offers a wealth of information that is critical to the university. With its use and importance, this tool will also be included in the expanded training offerings for campus. 

 This high-quality, no-cost program will deliver necessary training on reporting, business processes and data interpretation in a way that users need and in a fashion they want. Participants will develop skills through hands-on learning, instructor-led training, web-based learning, and a mix of both web and instructor-led classes. 

Watch for more information on IQ’s training program for campus partners after the first of the year.