B&F Managers Pilot a New Customer Satisfaction Survey Process

Our B&F strategic goal to “Say Yes” can take many forms, one of which is a willingness to do things differently when there is an opportunity to improve. Since 2005, we’ve used the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to hear directly from our customers on how we can improve our services. The thousands of survey responses we’ve collected have driven improvements in everything from web tools to wayfinding, from de-icing to how we onboard deans. And this year, we’re rolling out a new process to improve the survey itself.

More than twenty-five units from B&F and ITS have volunteered to pilot a new CSS model in 2017, with the remaining B&F units joining after the first year. Under the new model, units will distribute surveys through Qualtrics upon completion of an important project or service cycle, rather than every two years. Each survey will include core questions with the opportunity for some customization to reflect different B&F units and customers.

The B&F CSS is among the most mature efforts of its kind in higher education. Now in its twelfth year, the survey is managed by a cross-departmental team of B&F employees who are dedicated to supporting exceptional customer service. Over the years many managers across B&F have also used the survey results to establish customer advisory groups, which delve deeper into the data and work to co-create improvements with customers.

The goal in revamping the survey is to close the gap between when we provide a service and when we get crucial feedback about the customer experience, enabling our teams to respond more quickly with actions to improve customer satisfaction. “This new approach allows us to ask more and better questions to pinpoint what actions need to be taken,” says Gary Uptigrove, senior compensation specialist in UHR and a co-leader of the survey team. “It will also allow us to better monitor the implementation and success of those actions, increasing our accountability for improved results.”

For more information, contact the B&F Customer Satisfaction Survey Team at BFCSS2017@umich.edu.