Auctioning Vehicles that Make Blue Go

B&F Staff often work together to Make Blue Go. Through the incredible teamwork of the Finance Property Disposition team and the F&O Logistics, Transportation & Parking team, more than 160 vehicles are sold at auction every year (in FY19, 242 vehicles were sold!). 

LTP Fleet Services holds four vehicle auctions a year in spring, summer, fall and winter. As part of our capital renewal plan that is developed with Financial Operations passenger vehicles (sedans/minivans) are replaced every five years and trucks are replaced every six years. Once vehicles are returned, they are prepped for auction. Service Station Attendants clean the inside and outside of each vehicle and check vehicle operations. Mechanics then remove all GPS devices and fuel systems. Depending on the vehicle type, both Service Station Attendants and Mechanics remove the vehicle signage. Once this is complete the vehicle is ready to be sold. 

The Property Disposition team, a part of Finance Procurement Services, goes to the auction site the day prior to verify that VIN, year, make and model of each vehicle match the title and they identify those that have municipal titles. The team also records the bids of all items and handles any discrepancies. 

Over the last five years, more than 800 vehicles have been sold – that adds up to more than $1,500,000 worth of vehicles auctioned each year! Some of the more unique vehicles we have auctioned off include a fire truck, ambulance, tow truck, garbage trucks and passenger buses. Other unique items have included John Deere Gators, tractors, bobcats, floor scrubbers, lawn vacuums and a backhoe.Auctions are held at the Washtenaw County Farm Council Grounds and are open to the public. Staff can save money by purchasing vehicles at an auction. Robin Welshans, a member of the Information Quest team, and her family have made several vehicle purchases at the U-M vehicle auctions, and speak highly of the program. Her most recent car was purchased at a very competitive price in the used car market. Robin noted that the vehicles were always meticulously maintained and inspected by the LTP mechanics, often with very low mileage. The next auction will be on December 7th at 10:00 a.m. Stay updated on future auctions on the Property Disposition website.