All In at the March 2018 B&F Forum

On March 15, about 150 B&F leaders participated in a half-day training with leadership expert Adrian Gostick. Adrian is a global workplace expert and thought leader in the fields of corporate culture, teamwork, and engagement.

In Adrian’s latest bestselling book, The Best Team Wins (released just two weeks ago), he recognizes Michigan Medicine for some of the culture work happening under the leadership of our own Sonya Jacobs, Chief Organizational Learning Officer:

[At Michigan Medicine] employees learn from others …through a variety of activities that include social learning, coaching, mentoring, collaborative learning, and other methods of interaction with peers. Encouragement and feedback are prime benefits of this valuable learning approach.To help accomplish this type of learning we watched with interest recently as ten women leaders from Michigan Medicine started something called MicroMentors in their organization. The idea was to provide early and mid-career women …a way to spend up to sixty minutes of undivided attention with a senior leader.…the most oft-requested micromentoring sessions have revolved around career development-with younger women asking questions of their micromentors….It’s a terrific idea.

During his time with B&F leaders, Adrian shared best practices on engaging employees in the work we do together, enabling employees to do and be their best, and keeping teams energized. He shared stories, research and principles for promoting a positive, inclusive environment and led the group through exercises of reflection and idea generation. If you see a stuffed carrot in your manager’s office, know that they probably answered a question Adrian posed and then caught the carrot midair as a prize!

Adrian is the author of bestsellers, All In, and The Carrot Principle (translated into 30 languages and sold around the world) and he is the founder of the training company The Culture Works, where he teaches leaders from companies all over the world to manage change, drive innovation and lead a multigenerational workforce. He has been called “fascinating,” by Fortune magazine and “creative and refreshing” by The New York Times. He has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and CNN, and is often quoted in The Economist, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal. You can learn more at