B&F Diversity Committee

bfdc-brandingThe Business and Finance Diversity Committee (BFDC) was originally convened in 1987 by the EVPCFO. The mission of the BFDC was to support Business and Finance (B&F) and its partners in collaborating effectively to achieve our goals through maximizing respect and understanding, and appreciating our differences and similarities.  The committee was dissolved in December 2017 as part of the restructuring of the diversity, equity and inclusion work being done in B&F to align with the goals of the B&F Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan and allow the divisions of B&F to use a more targeted approach that fits their unique makeup and specific organizational goals.

Kevin Hegarty and senior staff hosted an appreciation event to honor B&F staff who have served on the BFDC.

If you are interested in helping with DEI work, please contact the B&F Diversity Working Group member (who also serves as the DEI lead) in your area.