Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, interim

Associate Vice President for Finance

Brian T. Smith
Phone: 734-764-7270
Email: btsm@umich.edu

Executive Assistant to the EVPCFO
Jane Jakeway
Phone: 734-615-2998
Email: janeej@umich.edu
Director of Enterprise Strategic Risk Management
Lorraine Currie
Phone: 734-647-9446
Email: ldcurrie@umich.edu
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Richard Holcomb Jr.
Phone: 734-763-1284
Email: rsholcom@med.umich.edu 
Chief Investment Officer
Erik Lundberg
Phone: 734-615-4445
Email: lerikl@umich.edu 
Executive Director for Information Quest
Vijay Thiruvengadam
Phone: 734-647-3269
Email: vijaythi@umich.edu
Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations
Henry (Hank) D. Baier
Phone: 734-764-3402
Email: hbaier@umich.edu
Senior Director of Organizational Culture and Strategy
Amy Bunch
Phone: 734-647-7890
Email: amybunch@umich.edu
Executive Director of the Shared Services Center
Pam Gabel
Phone: 734-763-4517
Email: pgabel@umich.edu
Staff Ombuds
Jacqueline Bowman
Phone: 734-936-0600
Email: jacquieb@umich.edu 


View the organizational chart for the Office of the EVPCFO (on SPG website)