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B&F Resources

Learn more about B&F tools and resources.

  • Resources for B&F Supervisors
  • Find resources for B&F supervisors and managers including "It Starts with You program archive materials, Hiring and Selection training information (password required), employee survey results and a question/answer page for up-to-date information from B&F Senior Staff.

  • B&F "Onboard" page
  • This page will help orient employees new to B&F as well as help their supervisors "onboard" their new staff. This page has various informational resources, a checklist for new employees, a checklist for the new employees' supervisors and a video called Bet You Didn't Know, a short film was written by Dr. Lewis Morgenstern who spent his sabbatical during 2009-2010 with Tim Slottow, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the University.

  • B&F Town Hall 2013 (Kerberos authentication required)
  • Two Business & Finance Town Hall meetings were held on May 7 and 8, 2013. A microcosm of B&F shared common information, worked towards better understanding everyone's role, and listened to one another's suggestions and ideas. The above link showcases video from that event.

  • B&F Administrative Guide for Organizational Change
  • This hyperlinked PDF document will help you analyze and plan for the administrative impacts of organizational changes and link you to the relevant B&F resources. Page 5 provides an overview of the major service areas in B&F where administrative tasks may need to occur as a result of organizational change.