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Leadership Development

In Business and Finance, we are committed to the support and development of our leaders. This includes the managers, project managers, supervisors and directors who lead our staff. We also see leadership as an attitude that can be demonstrated by any staff member, at any level.

In the B&F Strategic Framework Goal Four: An Engaged Organization: Listen Learn and Lead, we have implemented specific initiatives that identify and expand on best practices and further leadership development and engagement.

Some of these initiatives include:

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B&F Leadership Academy
The B&F Leadership Academy focuses on developing the leadership competencies and capacities necessary for future senior leadership in Business and Finance.

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It Starts With You
The It Starts with You program was developed by and for B&F Supervisors. We did some research about ourselves and learned that supervisors are the key to satisfied B&F staff (and therefore satisfied customers). More importantly, we learned that there are very simple, actionable behaviors B&F supervisors can take to increase staff satisfaction.

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Leadership @ All Levels
Every person in B&F can use their innate leadership skills to drive changes and improvements. We would like to encourage you to come up with creative ideas to Make Blue Go better.

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Business and Finance Town Hall
Two Business & Finance Town Hall meetings were held on May 7 and 8, 2013. A microcosm of B&F shared common information, worked towards better understanding everyone's role, and listened to one another's suggestions and ideas.

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Business and Finance Forum
The purpose of the Business and Finance Leadership Forum (B&F Forum) is to bring the top leadership of the Business and Finance division together in order to build increasing collaboration and excellence among the Business and Finance top leadership team.

For questions about Leadership Development in B&F, please contact Catherine Lilly, clilly@umich.edu

Leadership Academy

Leadership @ All Levels

It Starts With You



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