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Business & Finance Leadership Academy

"Our goal is: to prepare the next generation of the most talented business and finance administrative leaders with the strategic skills necessary to support the University of Michigan in maintaining its competitive position now and in the future"

Academy Grooms U-M's Future Leaders
University Record, Nov 16, 2009


The B&F Leadership Academy focuses on developing the leadership competencies and capacities necessary for future senior leaders in Business and Finance.

The Leadership Academy engages a cohort of 24 mid-level managers in experiential learning and developmental exercises which take place over 10 months in eleven classroom sessions and include reflection, coaching, a capstone project and generative interviews of campus leaders.

This program focuses on the B&F leadership competencies, especially four deemed priorities by B&F Senior Staff:

  1. Leadership /Achievement Orientation
  2. Flexibility / Adaptability / Leading Change
  3. Creative Problem Solving / Strategic Thinking
  4. Quality of Service

A central theme of the Academy is appreciation of the unique challenges of managing within the context of higher education.

Leadership Academy Class of 2012


Tom Amerman, Max Bajcz, Cory Belote, Tony Catchot, Michael Daley, Felicia David-Visser, Erin Dietrich, Janet Follo, Jason Forsberg, Sangeeta Goel, Ben Havens, Noel Hornbacher, Andrew Inman, Tim Kennedy, Mike Lane, Beth Manning, Kevin Morgan, Camie Munsell, Jennifer Ohren-Hoeft, Carmen Rodriguez, T. Sha' Duncan Smith, Derrick Skrycki, MaryBeth Stuenkel, Dima Tawakkol, Ken Wilson

B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy
B&F Leadership Academy

Academy Sponsors

  • Tim Slottow, former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Hank Baier, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations
  • Jane E. Jakeway, Executive Assistant to the EVPCFO
  • Catherine Lilly, Senior Advisor to the EVPCFO, Leadership Academy Dean
  • Erik Lundberg, Chief Investment Officer
  • Laura Patterson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Laurita Thomas, Associate Vice President for Human Resources

B&F Leadership Academy Contact Information

Catherine Lilly, Academy Director
(734) 647-7890

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