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B&F Forum

2016-2017 Schedule & Materials

Forum Meetings are usually held from 8:00-10:30 on the second Thursday of each month. Expanded Forum meetings are held at larger venues around campus, typically in September, December and May.

For questions about B&F Forum sessions, please send email the Business and Finance Forum Planning Committee, bffpc@umich.edu.



The purpose of the Business and Finance Leadership Forum (B&F Forum) is to bring the top leadership of the Business and Finance division together in order to build increasing collaboration and excellence among the Business and Finance organization and the Business and Finance top leadership team in fulfilling the vision, mission and values of the Business and Finance Organization.

The B&F Forum meets six to eight times September through May.


The membership of the Business and Finance Forum is defined as the EVPCFO, the EVPCFO Senior Staff team and their direct reports. Occasionally, as the topic warrants, the larger Business and Finance Expanded Forum (e.g. EVPCFO, the EVPCFO Senior Staff team, their direct reports and their direct reports) is convened. The University Auditor and his/her direct reports are also invited, as are the Chief Financial Officer and the Administrator of Human Resource Services of the UM Hospitals and Health Centers (UMHHC), as well the co-chairs of the Business and Finance Diversity Committee.

Past Schedules & Materials

Change Management Materials

In 2004 Business and Finance leadership received training in basic change management skills through a partnership approach. Below are the documents that were used in this training.