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The Importance of Diversity in Business and Finance
Tim Slottow, EVPCFO

This organization, any organization, is really about people. People like to be appreciated for who they are. Our staff members have so much more to offer than what is defined strictly by their job descriptions. We each bring everything about who we are to the tasks that we do.

Diversity means embracing this fact. It means truly appreciating the unique value of each person's contribution, regardless of their role in the organization, and regardless of how similar or different we act or appear from one another. It means pledging to be open to accepting different viewpoints as well as suggestions, ideas, and feedback, regardless of the source. It also means pledging to speak up, especially when you have a different point of view to offer.

We must embrace diversity in order to become the highest-performing organization that we are capable of being. I'm not just talking about age, race and gender diversity, but also the diversity of our hobbies, interests, experiences and socio-economic and geographic backgrounds. Engaging all of the skills, creative energies and perspectives of each member of our workforce is a cultural and business imperative. If we don't capitalize on all that each person brings, it will limit our ability to make the highest possible contribution to the University and to our mission.

It's a given that valuing diversity makes work more effective. However, a final benefit of appreciating diversity is that it makes work more fun and rewarding. Of course work is about the tasks we do, and our performance on goals. But perhaps even more, it's about the relationships we develop and the people we spend time with day after day. The loyalty and commitment I've seen at this University is higher than that which I've seen in any organization in any of my experience. I know that this is, in part, due to the variety of individuals with which we work, and the values we each demonstrate of collaboration, respect, diversity, and appreciation for the good people who are our co-workers and our customers.

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